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From your yard to ours, and back again!
Did you know that all of the great mulches and composts you find at LRC are made from local yard debris? When you buy our products you're helping our community and our environment.


What is LRC?

This not-for-profit facility serving Champaign County and surrounding areas was started in 1987 to divert yard debris — which accounts for an overwhelming 25% of all waste in Illinois — from overcrowded landfills. LRC uses ecological and economical methods to recycle yard waste such as grass clippings, brush and plant cuttings into lawn and garden composts, topsoil and mulches that are available for purchase by residents and companies in Champaign County.

We provide advice and support for WILL-TV’s production of Mid-American Gardener, available on public television stations throughout Illinois, and we’re involved in our community by donating products to organizations such as Champaign’s North First Street Prosperity Garden project.

Operated by the City of Urbana Public Works Department under a cooperative agreement between the cities of Champaign and Urbana, LRC is open year-round. When visiting our facility, please be aware that you must check in at the gate no later than 30 minutes prior to closing time.

NOTE: This intergovernmental facility, its agents and/or employees make no guarantee or warranty of the products available at this facility and assume no liability for any damages that may occur to persons or property while on the Site.